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We never shared a Thought


Who were you, rushing on by?

No time for a word or a quick "hi."

Did we meet eyes on this street?

Maybe, for a moment, our glances did greet.

Conversations missed, chances flew,

Who were you, passerby, and who knew?

Why didn't we pause or say hello?

Starting a chat, I don't even know.

Did we share interests, you and me?

Or was it just my mind, you see?

Now far away, forever a stranger,

That passerby, an enigmatic changer.

Was it truly you who passed my way?

Or was it a moment that won't stay?

Passed by quickly, a glimpse, a peek,

A passing moment, then you'd sneak.

Passed by me, in a blink it's past,

A fleeting memory that didn’t last.

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