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A staggering 33% of our global community grapples with anxiety—a statistic that finds a haunting echo within my own story. My encounter with anxiety commenced at 23, a tender age while navigating the halls of college. For almost a decade, it entrenched itself into my daily existence, evolving from an unwelcome guest to an insidious routine.

Understanding my body and its triggers was an arduous journey, one that demanded years of therapy and medication to attain a semblance of control. Yet, despite this hard-won mastery, anxiety remains a mercurial force, sometimes retreating quietly with decorum, other times roaring so loudly it's deafening.

Initially, anxiety manifested as a mere physical tightness, a pressure centered around my chest. Gradually, it morphed, encroaching upon my mind and body, transforming psychological unease into tangible physical pain.

The loss of control over my emotions and thoughts ushered in a chaotic period. I often felt akin to a tightrope walker, precariously balancing with my mind as the arbiter of equilibrium. A delicate harmony brought positivity, but the slightest imbalance forewarned of impending panic or anxiety attacks.

Within this project, I attempt to elucidate the myriad symptoms I've navigated across the years—a mosaic of experiences that transcend mere words.

Today, anxiety is an enigmatic presence within, akin to an inactive gadget—its power subdued, yet an ever-lingering component of my being. This realization stands as a beacon, signaling an acceptance of its permanence within my narrative—a part of me that's understood and acknowledged, but no longer dominates.

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